Traveling all day doesnt phase a working man. #editing
"If you had told 18 year old me that I would one day be doing my dream job, traveling internationally , and having adventures with the love of my life- if you could screenshot right now- laughing and singing together as we upload  footage in another country- it would have blown my mind"- Arel
He kept trying to tell me something but i couldn’t understand him so he drew me a picture :) blue eyes.
The group photo! Easily the hardest photo to organize lol
Someone has gotten way to comfortable in a house that is not hers haha. She just walks in all the time now.
Showing some of the kids the GoPro video
Apparently drinking coffee black in the DR is unheard of. Anytime someone walks in Lucy introduces us and then tells them about our coffee preference. ;)
The children here have the most beautiful eyes #noedit #nofilter
Our little GoPro specialist! She was amazing! We cant wait for you to see the footage! She learned how to use the gopro and took us on a tour of the playground -close up! #gopro
{preview} 08.24.14
{End of the day editing.}
We handed a GoPro to the kids to run around with to capture them playing on film. After a very rough translation i think they got it.  learning “now give back the camera” was a little more challenging” ;)
The most fun we have had thus far- working with the kids! This is the only playground in la romana. Before it was built this month the kids played on the streets.
 They love the camera! The whole time we were their they all wanted pictures. “Señorita americanas! Un photo!” (Mrs. American, one photo.) i will need to think of a easier name than “sheila” for them to call me since none of them remember it. ;) #dominicanrepublic #vscocam
{08.24.14 DR}