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Just a little confused and conflicted.

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I think you mean Legendary of Kora

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My husband asked me today how my tumblr followers were doing

He cares guys ;)

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Being fabulous with pippa #fallwear
As long as you are ok with me sobbing uncontrollable tears of joy at your wedding #jessandjake #engaged #abestieswedding
Coffee shop life is a good one
Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the world. Linzy, you are more than just the sister that sorta looks like me (yay for the only two blond and blue eyed of the 6!) you are one of the most inspirational an hardest working women I know. You are caring and always go to great lengths to make sure all of us know how much you love us. I know its random but i love this picture of us because of the memory here. We laughed so hard that night we took this picture that we kept the other 4 girls awake and yelling at us. Linz, you are brilliant, funny, and trouble ;) i love you ❤
The more I edit- the more notes of things to work on pile up next to me.  Its a vicious circle. Thank the Lord for delicious pour overs. #winchesterva #authorlife #hopscotch #hopscotchroaster
Filming is my favorite #avellinostudios #winchesterva #filmlife
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Steamy Soup
She may not be the tamest of dogs but she always knows the command “pippa lets take a picture, kiss my cheek!” #winchesterva
Todays writing buddy is brought to you by: a bearded man reading a comic book.  #winchesterva #wichesterfriends