October moods #3
My living room and office ❤❤❤taken by Anna joie
Editing is like killing your story and then very slowly bringing it back to life- unknown #sketchthenovel #winchesterva
All the girls watching cupcake wars. #pippajustwantstofitin #winchesterva
NOVA bound with my love
- DUNE- #winchesterva #espressobar

I have to go in to get more blood drawn tmrrw….
Im really freaked out.
Apparently i had some kind of non epileptic seizure.

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It’s never a good sign when the nurse laughs nervously about the amount of blood you need drawn.

So much blood that i wasn’t allowed to lie down- and i had to fast before hand.

It’s never good when you ask “which arm?”
And she says “well, let me see how much blood i can get out of this one…
By tube 7 out of 23 i passed out and started convulsing.

I think ill be the reason she retires early.

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SHOES #leesburg #shoescupandcork
My work day starts before the sun #5am #morningfire #editing

popculturesavvyidjit said: Hey, just out of complete curiosity, are you Mormon?


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